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Schedule: 5:00 a.m. to 5:07 a.m. in Los Angeles, CA time a.m. or 8:00 to 8:07 p.m. Manila time


Members and non-members are invited to be one and radiate or perform this technique. This simple form of service will bring peace and harmony throughout the world. It also lets one accumulate good karma and eliminate unnecessary bad karma. It is recommended to perform this exercise in a place where you will be minimally distracted.

1. Focus on your heart. Relax and smile.
2. Feel your heart to be the center of your being. See it as a brilliant ball of white light. Feel JOY, KINDNESS, PEACE, PROSPERITY, LIGHT, LIFE, and LOVE.
3. Let each of these attributes flood your entire being, until you become the epitome of each of them.

NOTE: It is important to feel each of the elements vividly instead of thinking it.

4. Forget who and where you are.
5. Be completely engulfed in the experience of yourself as joy, peace, prosperity, vitality, and so on.
6. Stop your visualization and relax.
7. Stay in a passive state for a few moments.
8. Then rise and continue with your usual routine for the evening.


You may also download the following audio tracks to guide you with the technique:


Butterfly effect (female)

Butterfly effect (male)

To a cup that is already full, no more can be added. 

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