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The Path Royale (Vaj)
USA, Europe and Africa

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God 
and his righteousness; and all good 
things shall be added unto you."


Fellow chelas, please refer to this glossary for the meaning of the Sanskrit terms in your satsangs:

  • Adi Narayana: God

  • Ajna chakra: pineal gland

  • Anahata chakra: heart center

  • Ashrama: temple or lodge

  • Atma: soul 

  • Bhakta: devotee

  • Bindu: pituitary gland

  • Buddha: refers to the divine nature in all humans; same as Christ Principle which everyone has; often referred to Siddharta Gautama (5,000 BC) who attained illumination or “Buddhahood” through meditation; Jesus the Christ was known in the East as the Buddha Maitreya or the Buddha of Limitless Compassion 

  • Chakra: psychic center; energy points in the body. There are at least seven chakras in the physical body, of which their counterparts are the glands 

  • Chela: initiate; student or practitioner of the mystical arts 

  • Chohan: Ashrama/ Lodge Master

  • Chitta: mind; reasoning powers

  • Darana: concentration

  • Dhyana: meditation

  • Ishwara: God of one’s understanding

  • Jnani: discriminator

  • Jivanmukta: Siddha or Perfected One

  • Karma: destiny; the consequences of one’s act and thought whether good or bad

  • Kundalini: divine force coiled like a serpent from the muladhara chakra (coccyx), which are present in all humans in either a latent or awakened state. The awakening of this force lets a person attain samadhi and develops powers such as clairvoyance, telekinesis, astral projection, and mastery over the elements of fire, water, earth, and air

  • Mahachohan: Supreme chief of Chohans

  • Manipura: spleen or pancreas

  • Mantra: power words which have the efficacy not because of the meaning, but because of the sound vibrations inherent in them. For example the divine names of God, like “Aum,” “Amen,” “Eheieh,” “Adonai,” etc.

  • Muladhara chakra: coccyx

  • Naga Brahmas: Liberated Beings

  • Nirguna: impersonal aspect of the Absolute God

  • Nirvana: heaven; literally meaning the “annihilation of desire.” According to Buddha, desire is ultimately the cause of suffering, hence to attain nirvana or samadhi, one must meditate and forsake all cravings and attachment

  • Nirvikalpa Samadhi: Spiritual Enlightenment

  • Om: one of the highly esteemed mantra known in India. It is equivalent to YHVH, or the sacred Tetragrammaton of the Kabbalists, which is the primordial sound in the creation of the universe.

  • Om namaste: I greet/ salute the divinity in you

  • Om shanti: May the peace of God be with you

  • Prakriti: lumina or spiritual essence of matter

  • Prana: ultra molecular Life-force that pervades the entire universe and is present in all matter

  • Sadhaka: spiritual practitioner

  • Sadhana: spiritual practice

  • Sahaja Samadhi: Cosmic Consciousness

  • Sahasrara: top/crown center; limbic system 

  • Samadhi: attunement with higher spheres

  • Samsara: mental impressions or tendencies embedded in one’s subconscious accumulated through countless numbers of birth and rebirth

  • Samyama: perfect attunement

  • Satsang: discourse or teaching

  • Satsanga: congregation or fellowship

  • Savikalpa samadhi: psychic attunement

  • Siddha: Cosmic Masters who help humanity. They are highly-evolved, Self-realized beings.

  • Swadistana: solar plexus/ adrenals

  • Vissudha: thyroid/ parathyroid

  • Yoga: a system of meditation aimed at attaining samadhi or illumination; literally “union with God”

  • Yogi: a practitioner of yoga

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