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The Path Royale (Vaj)
USA, Europe and Africa

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God 
and his righteousness; and all good 
things shall be added unto you."

Mabuhay! (Rejoice!)


Around the world, seekers of the higher things in life can now enter the gateway to diamond consciousness with the blessings of the beloved Masters and the guidance of a Great Mystic JL, from the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines.

Membership in the Vajrayana Order empowers the chelas (students) to have a hotline to their God of understanding, which they can always depend upon to bring peace of mind, harmony, order, happiness and success into their lives. It is likened to bringing down heaven on earth and thereby enabling them to live a meaningful life.

The key advantage of the Vajrayana School is to provide an accelerated path to evolution or enlightenment. What is Evolution? Evolution is technically defined as: "a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form." It involves a lasting expansion of consciousness wherein the greater and more beautiful things in life can then be understood or easily grasped by the enlightened individual. It results to a feeling of oneness with all life and bliss no matter what situation one is. 

In our school, this is achieved through the use of esoteric techniques and transmissions, which are practical aids to Self-development. Whereas other Eastern schools might provide ways to achieve nirvana (enlightenment) over the course of many lifetimes, Vajrayana techniques make full enlightenment possible in a much shorter time frame, perhaps in a single lifetime.


Vajrayana relies on various advanced techniques rooted in scriptures, written in India. The most important aspect of the path is to "use the result as the Path," which means that rather than placing full enlightenment as a goal far away in the future, one tries to identify with the enlightened body, speech and mind of an enlightened Being. That is why it is sometimes referred to as "the Pathless Path."


We do all things to make our lives easier. Our fast growing technology is a proof to this statement. Now, the Vajrayana Order is offering a lightning fast path to your evolution, wouldn't it be wise to take it?


The key for greater success, be it in terms of material wealth, perfect health, harmonious relationships, business or the more essential – the evolution of the soul, can now be in your hands. You are all invited to take the first step to life anew. Let us guide you further to a life of prosperity and bliss, which is truly the mission of this Eastern Brotherhood of Vajrayana, The Path Royale and the Science of the Soul.


We are inviting you to a Path of Liberation with the assurance of guidance by the Master. It is dangerous to tread it without His protecting hands.

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