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Rosicrucian Society,
Order of the Hermetic Gold+Rose (RSOHGR)
USA, Eur
ope and Africa

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From the book, Leaves of Morya's Garden, we are reminded of the following:


The Rosicrucian Society, Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose (RSOHGR) is an International modern school of advanced learning which disseminates authentic mystical and esoteric knowledge pertaining to self-mastership and the attainment of higher consciousness for the advancement of the evolution of man. It has a large repository of authentic teachings passed on by generations after generations of mystics and adepts, which were preserved since ancient times and they have helped many famous people in history to achieve greatness and fame. Now, through the Order, we ourselves can learn of these teachings and practice them, so that we may live happy, prosperous, peaceful and meaningful lives.



The Order dispenses teachings from various disciplines, which are collectively called the Western Esoteric Tradition. We believe that Truth is not the monopoly of one philosophy or one school of thought. Rather, its essence can be found in most faiths and traditions, hence the eclectic approach adopted by our Order.

In ancient times, when Egyptian civilization was at its height and Egypt was the world’s center of learning, there existed a secret body of teachings called The Mysteries. Considered sacred, these were taught in the mystery schools, where only the most worthy and qualified were admitted.


Through the centuries, these teachings were preserved and taught by the prophets (including Moses, Enoch, Abraham, Solomon and Jesus) and philosopher–sages (Hermes Trismegistus, Amenhotep IV, Socrates). Always, they were taught only to those who were deemed ready and capable of comprehending the philosophical, metaphysical and scientific ideas embodied in the teachings.


In time, the teachings came in the possession of many rulers, thinkers and men of science (Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Emperor Napoleon, Count Saint-Germain, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson). In carefully studying and applying the teachings, these men were able to live extraordinary lives and make outstanding achievements in their respective fields.


The masses were, for the most part, unaware even of the existence of the secret teachings.


We are most grateful to the guardians and preservers of the teachings for, in our present times, we can learn, practice and disseminate them for the good of humanity. In esoteric parlance, we are now experiencing an “open“cycle wherein the teachings can be taught freely to the greatest number of qualified students. We must make haste, however, for this open cycle has an end. When we enter the “closed” cycle, the teachings will be transmitted only through bloodline, that is, from a parent initiated into the mysteries, to his child.


As taught by the Order, the teachings fall under these esoteric disciplines:

THE KABBALAH. This is believed as one of the highest and most erudite of the ancient sciences. It explains the mechanics of creation, the architecture of the universe, the nature of angels and other beings, and the philosophical meaning of life and existence. The roots of the Kabbalah extend all the way back into the obscure beginning of humanity.

ROSICRUCIANISM. It has been said that Rosicrucianism is the hidden quintessence of Christianity. But Rosicrucianism is actually older, tracing its beginnings to the land of Khem–ancient Egypt. Among the hallmarks of a Rosicrucian are continuous self-improvement through dedicated study, practice and service; the investigation of natural and cosmic laws through experiments; and humanitarian activities.

MARTINISM. This is an initiatory school of philosophy and mysticism whose lineage can be traced to the Knights Templar in the medieval ages, through Charles Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie), Papus, Martinez Pasqual and Louis Claude de Saint-Martin. Martinism has close ties to the Masonic and Rosicrucian traditions. Martinism gives emphasis on theurgy as a means to know God.


ALCHEMY. This is one of the two oldest sciences known to man (the other is astrology). It is the forerunner of chemistry. Superficially, it is concerned with the transmutation of base metals into the highest and purest metal of all – gold, or in the lingo of esotericists, hermetic gold. Our chief concern, however, is with an art called inner alchemy, which aims to transform man into the best, highest and most sublime that he can be.


MAGIC. As symbolized by the Magician card in the Tarot deck, magic is the power to use words, make meaning, and create realities. Magic is inherent in all persons, yet only a few possess the awakened conscious mind which can work magic. In the repository of the Order are the keys to awaken the consciousness and enable it to do magic, through the use of rituals, words of power(mantras), and invocations.

THEURGY. A higher kind of magic is theurgy, which uses rituals, mental imagery and sacred words for the purpose of spiritual evolution. Common magic (called thaumaturgy) may have similar methods and implements, but its goals are often more worldly. The theurgist attempts to attune to the Divine Intelligence, and to merge his personal will with the Divine Will. On the other hand, the thaumaturgist attempts to effect changes in the physical world for personal gain, in service to his personal will and ego. Theurgy is an important component of certain esoteric traditions, most notably Martinism.

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