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The Path Royale (Vaj)
USA, Europe and Africa

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God 
and his righteousness; and all good 
things shall be added unto you."

Vajrayana (from Tibetan dorje) is derived from the Sanskrit words, “vajra,” meaning “diamond” or “indestructible” and “yana,” meaning “vehicle.” It also pertains to the legendary weapon whose divine attribute was made from adamantine – the thunderbolt. Adamantine, an indestructible substance, could therefore pierce and penetrate any obstacle or obfuscation. This gives rise to two more names for Vajrayana: The Diamond Vehicle or Adamantine Vehicle.

This eminent Eastern school consists of the teachings of Himalayan Sages and prevalent in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, China, northern India and Himalayan Regions. It focuses on the awakening of the chakras and energy centers of the body through evolution.

The symbolism of the Brotherhood originates from a long history rich in esoteric meaning revealing universal laws and principles which the initiates adhere to. 

The diamond pertains to the Diamond or Adamantine Consciousness that the chela attains by following the accelerated path of Vajrayana. The chela’s consciousness undergoes purification and transforms into a pure and indestructible consciousness just like the diamond. Apart from the advanced meditation practices such as Kundalini and Mahamudra, the purpose of all the various techniques is to experience the ultimate truth, thus attain “Diamond Consciousness.”

The twin fires on the sides of the diamond represent the fire of Karma that the chela must endure in order to purify his atma or soul, and the fire of Cosmic Consciousness that sparks in the Cosmic Man his attunement with Adi Narayana through untiring spiritual practices enflamed by the supreme longing of Oneness.

Once these two flames are triumphed over, the Cosmic Man rises to become a diamond – an indestructible, perfect and colorless stone, which paradoxically, when hit by light reflects all colors luminously and flawlessly. These multihued colors symbolize the illimitable power of the Godhead.

In the center is the most ancient of the Indian symbols, the triad Chintamani, which signifies joy. This triad that is embedded in the sacred mountains of Mongolia and the Himalayas represents peace and culture, and above all, the highest perception of beauty and knowledge. It is also the symbol of the highest chief of the Brotherhood of Adepts, Rigden Jyepo, Lord of Shamballa. This configuration can also be noticed on the Byzantine icon of the World, and carried on the coat-of-arms of the Knights Templar of the Arthurian legends. The Chintamani was popularized by the Initiate and Legate of the Great White Brotherhood, Nicholas Roerich, an initiate of the three most powerful mystical schools in the world.

The School, free from the bigotry, intolerance and superstitions of the day, is so-named to mean the Order of the Illumined Ones or Initiates.

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