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Rosicrucian Society,
Order of the Hermetic Gold+Rose (RSOHGR)
USA, Eur
ope and Africa

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From the book, Leaves of Morya's Garden, we are reminded of the following:

A new portal has been opened to the sanctuary of ineffable peace and the venerable abode of ancient wisdom. A fresh garden has blossomed in the arid desert of mortal discontent. It is a time for rejoicing for, in the Pearl of the Orient, the authentic Rosicrucian Society, Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose (RSOHGR) was established in September 2002, and was opened in the United States and worldwide in 2007.

A New Dispensation of Teachings
By the command of the beloved Masters and following a long tradition of oral and genetic transmission, the RSOHGR is now made available worldwide for the seekers of truth. Guided by a 108-year open cycle, the teachings of a thousand years are now at the disposal of all those who are ready to receive them.

Surcease of Suffering
The launching of the RSOHGR is all the more relevant in these times for the sad fact is that, despite the much vaunted advances in science and technology in the world today, misery, suffering and desolation prevail in many parts of the world. The Order's teachings include principles and exercises which, when practiced, provide relief from suffering to the sincere and earnest seeker.


Breaking Free from the Bondage of Ignorance
The ancient teachings hold that suffering is ultimately borne out of ignorance of the all-pervading Cosmic laws and game-plan of the world, and the true nature of mortal man. Through this knowledge, mortals can liberate themselves from the bondage of ignorance and lack of comprehension regarding the events and circumstances that shape their lives, as well as the possibilities that lie dormant within their own beings. In so doing, they assume the power to determine the course of their lives. By attuning and manifesting one's life in accordance with the Cosmic laws, one can exist in harmony with nature and the universe, and thereby find peace, joy, vitality and prosperity.

Tapping Inner Knowledge and Power
The astounding fact is that much of this liberating knowledge can be drawn from within ourselves. However, most mortals have been so accustomed to searching for knowledge, answers and solutions from external sources that this rich inner source of knowledge and power lies virtually untapped. The renowned psychologist, William James, has in fact noted that, on the average, mortals use less than 10 percent of their innate mental capacity.

The Order, therefore, teaches its students techniques that would enable them to tap and draw from the vast reservoir of inner knowledge and power that lies hidden within them. As the great teacher, Jesus the Christ said, "The Kingdom of God is within you."


The Order enjoins its members to seek within, to know the Divinity within themselves and encourages them to apply the ancient dictum of the Oracle at Delphi - "Know thyself" - for herein lies the path of self-growth and soul evolution.

The capacity to tap these powerful inner sources of knowledge and strength would arm one with a potent tool with which to pierce through much of the deceptions, illusions and superstitions rampant in the world which fence and beguile man's mind and deny them self-mastership and control over his destiny.


The Yearning to Know

In the simplicity of these words, Hermes Trismegistus sounded the eternal appeal which beats at the heart of every Seeker of Truth. In each one of us, there is a longing to know - to find out who we really are, what our purpose in life is, who created us and why, and what makes the universe tick. This yearning is a real human need. Yet most men choose to pay it no heed. For this, they pay a price - that gnawing sense that something is lacking, that life has little meaning, and we are incomplete.

To make man complete, to sate his longing for true wisdom-- this is the noble work to which the RSOHGR is committed.

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