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To a cup that is already full, no more can be added. 

To a cup that is already full, no more can be added. 


A Knight refers to a nobleman or a warrior in previous times. Nowadays, it pertains to a person who has been given royal recognition. A knight was to follow a strict set of rules of conduct. These were the knightly virtues.


The Knights of the Mystic Rose is guided by the Rosicrucian ideals, which include tolerance for all beliefs and cultures, selfless service to our fellow human beings, adherence to the highest Cosmic laws, and continuous study towards higher learning and development.


The KMR is aimed at the total development of man; hence, we are not a religious organization.  Anyone who seeks wisdom and self-improvement in life, regardless of his or her religious beliefs, social standing, educational background, race or culture, may become a member of our Order.  However, if he is close-minded and intolerant of ideas that may be different from those already familiar to him, then it is almost certain that the Order will be of no benefit to him.  

The KMR is a global, non-profit, fraternal organization, open to all men and women at least 18 years of age who share its philosophy and who wish to improve themselves, and serve the evolution of humanity.  While the Order has a spiritual base, the members are free to follow their conscience in all matters, including that of their preferred faith.  People from all walks of life and with different religious background are accepted in the Order. Their purposes for joining are also often varied but these can be summed up in one word: Advancement.

By becoming a member of the KMR, you have a unique opportunity to have a hotline to the God of your understanding, enjoy life with abundance and wealth, empower yourself, attain your goals and dreams in life and develop the most coveted Cosmic Consciousness.

The Rosicrucians, Knights of the Mystic Rose is an Order of Light. One characteristic of Light is expansion; therefore, our august Order is continuing its spirit of service by establishing more Lodges all around the globe.  By doing so, we are able to disseminate and equip our fellowmen with the necessary working tools towards self-discovery and alleviation of their poverty, whether spiritual or material.


One of the goals of our Order is to make the wisdom of the ancients accessible.  With its easy-to-understand lessons in the monthly monographs issued to active members, practicing Alchemy and studying this scholarly science can now be done anywhere globally thru correspondence. KMR takes pride in being one of the few propagators of authentic mystical knowledge once made available only to those who hold high places in society. With much gratitude to its dedicated pool of writers and Rosicrucian researchers, you can be sure that experiments and lectures in the monographs are guaranteed to be tried and tested, so you may see for yourself.

KMR aims to break the boundaries of physicality, both geographically and mentally.  Thus the KMR, unlike its older and earlier predecessors, who only give its lessons during Lodge convocations or regular meetings, our Order makes its teachings accessible wherever a mailing system is available.  The monographs are our modern adaptation to reaching out to every spark of humanity out there.


Aside from being member-centered, it is also a charitable organization that reaches its aid to those less privileged and far from the light of mysticism. May you join us in completing the triangle of Light, Life and Love!

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