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The Path Royale (Vaj)
USA, Europe and Africa

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God 
and his righteousness; and all good 
things shall be added unto you."



Vajrayana in India

There are divergent views on the origins of Vajrayana. Some claim it began in Udyana – the modern day Swat valley in Pakistan, while others say that it began in southern India. The earliest teachings appeared approximately during early 4th century. Nalanda University in northern India became a center for the development of Vajrayana theory. India became the source of principal Vajrayana practices up through the 11th century.

Vajrayana in Tibet and other Himalayan Kingdoms

In 747, at the request of the king of Tibet, the Indian saint, Padmasambhava, traveled from Afghanistan to bring Vajrayana to Tibet and Bhutan. This original transmission anchors the lineage of the Nyingma school. A second important transmission occurred during the 11th century and early 12th century with the lineage of Atisa, Marpa and Brogmi and gave rise to the other schools of Tibet: Kagyupa, Kadampa, Sakyapa, and Gelukpa (the school of the Dalai Lama).

Vajrayana in the Philippines

At the outbreak of the Boxer Rebellion in the late 1800s, the Order’s teachings came to the Far East from Tolosa, at the border of Spain and France, and from the Chinese Taoists and Vajrayanists who fled to the Philippines. The Vajra mystics arrived in Cebu and later settled in what is now known as Tolosa, Leyte. In the 1930s, Ba-Di-Ke, a Vajrayana initiate, and his co-workers, among whom was Ponciano Canonigo, conducted their work in Leyte and Cebu. The descendants of these Vajra initiates are the current high officers of the Vajrayana and some of them were further initiated into authentic Vajrayana schools in India and the Himalayas. 

Presently, the Vajrayana school is spreading its wings in various parts of the country transforming the ignorance of the masses to wisdom; poverty into prosperity; selfishness into charity; worry into peace; fear into love; and love of self into service. 

For so long a time, we have been kept in the darkness. Now, the light of the Order is being shed upon all humble and eager souls. As a recipient of its light, let us take this chance of spreading the good news to others.  Let us all be harbingers of light and bring back love to humanity!

Vajrayana in the United States of America and other countries

A missionary from the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines, was given the tall order by the Great Masters to open the teachings in the United States of America and eventually worldwide.

On April 2010, the Vajrayana Order for International affairs was formally introduced in Los Angeles, California.  The first convocation was held on April 18, 2010, then every Sundays thereafter.

This was followed by the establishment of the Beloved Order in Huntsville, Alabama.  Members from other states and other countries started to experience the benefits of the Light of the Order through correspondence.

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