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Membership in the Order is a rare and wonderful chance that empowers a person and enables him to enjoy life's abundant blessings. Anyone can be a member, provided that he or she is at least 18 years old (parental consent is needed if below 18 years old), has an open mind, earnest in his innermost heart to acquire higher learning or seeks self-improvement and a better life.

To be considered an active member, a monthly payment of 10 USD must be made which entitles you to receive four monographs that you can study in your home. These contain esoteric lessons that are arranged hierarchically from the basics to the advanced teachings that will surely improve the life of the practitioner. It is highly significant that the knight or dame must completely understand and uphold the vow of secrecy regarding the content of the monographs. These set of monographs may be given at the lodges or mailed to you. Kindly choose from the payment options below.


For one month purchase of lessons (10 USD), please choose BUY NOW. If you wish to subscribe monthly (10 USD), kindly click SUBSCRIBE NOW. You can also help with the Order's projects by donating. Please click DONATE NOW to contribute. 

To a cup that is already full, no more can be added. 

The membership also allows you to join the weekly convocations and participate in lectures. Please check if there is a convocation near your location. 

If you are interested in becoming a valiant knight or dame, kindly fill out the application form HERE, prepare a picture with white background, and pay the monthly dues. Once you have completed the application form and the picture is ready, you may scan and email it to: or mail it to KMR - Global, 685 Lucas Ave. 918, Los Angeles, California 90017

Thank you. 

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