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Rosicrucian Society,
Order of the Hermetic Gold+Rose (RSOHGR)
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ope and Africa

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From the book, Leaves of Morya's Garden, we are reminded of the following:

FOOD FOR CONTEMPLATION (Quotes from the Imperator)

Below are some words of wisdom from the Imperator. A more complete collection can be found in his book, “Enlightenment”:


“Life is a poem. It is the best poem that you can ever write. Write it well. Then at the last moment of your life, when the ink has dried on the poem of life you have written, you will know the satisfaction of having created a masterpiece.”


“God does not run the universe. God imbues and infuses Himself in all entire universe and its creatures. He cannot see us. He can only see Himself. When he sees us, he sees Himself.”


“You are already complete in your soul. What meditation does is it makes your mind pure. It cleanses your mind so you will realize your Godhood. When meditation becomes the mind, the Self is revealed as God. Really, meditation is the path to remembrance.”


“Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that I am. Be still and know. Be still. Be.”

“To counter spiritual poverty, be compassionate. To counter emotional pain, empathize with others. To counter material poverty, share what you have with others. To counter all poverties, give, give, and give!”


“You can be free from the entanglement of your own self-created illusions, pains and sufferings. All your conceptions are only products of what you have seen and experienced. The amoeba in a Petri dish can never conceive beyond the dish. Even the concept of infinity is limiting. It is a space-time conception. To exist in a moment when you can ride with the winds, jump into the stars, burst forth with supernovae and galaxies, scan the universe, and find that moment has not been split and you have arrived and returned at the moment you have left… for a little while, for a few moments, you become omniscient, one with God.”


“We are bubbles in awareness, waves upon the sea. There is an ocean of Supreme Awareness. But many of us do not know this, and so we cling to our individuality.”


“We are small when we think small. We are great when we think big. We are poor when we dwell on our problems. We become wealthy when we dwell on solutions to our problems. We become as a sage when we dwell on the Self.


“How do you find peace on the razor’s edge? The key is humility. If you make yourself small, you will fit on the razor’s edge. With humility, you can make yourself into a point so small that you can reach so many places. In the destruction of the ego, false selfhoods are destroyed and a new self emerges.”


“A student is led astray when he is a hypocrite. When he is honest to himself, and sincere in his seeking, he is led to the right teacher and the right school. But he must be truly sincere in his seeking and humble enough to unlearn previous knowledge, so he will be led to the right teacher and the right school. As the saying goes, 'When the cup is full, no new wine can be poured.' Remove the old wine; it may be spoiled already.”

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