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The Path Royale (Vaj)
USA, Europe and Africa


Hierophant JL


The moment you decided to link yourself with the noble Vajrayana Order, you were called brethren. The Order, being non-sectarian, and therefore, non-discriminatory, recognizes all men as brothers.  Racial, religions, and language prejudices have no place within the system of principles of the Order, whether rich or poor, bright or dull, young or old --- all are welcome into the folds of the Order.


The story of brotherhood is very old.  Since the dawn of history, mystics and great saints have lived and taught it. It came from an intuitive comprehension of things and from a recollection of past incarnations in ancient lands and races. And so life after life, Masters of wisdom made the brotherhood a code of conduct for mankind.


Jesus, the Christ expounded: "Whatsoever ye would do that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them."


The Buddha affirmed: "Hurt not others with that which pains yourself."


Confucius declared: "What you do not want done to yourself, do not to another."


Zoroaster stated: "Do not unto others all that which is not well for oneself."


As mystics, we have a private life as well as a life with others in one world, what then must be our attitude toward the rest of mankind? Remember the Law of Karma! As we do, so it shall be done to us. Let this be the guiding principle of our lives. Love begets love. All are brethren, we may not love all that our neighbour does but we must recognize the divinity that is in him. There is hope for all. Happy is the man whose circle of love encompasses the whole wide world!

As advancing members of humanity, we are duty bound to seek ways to make our light radiate into the lives of others. We have unique abilities and a hand to lend. Where and when these can do the most good, we offer them.  By all intents and purposes, we SERVE. This is the key to the spirit of brotherhood, which opens the door to the path of illumination, the path to cosmic consciousness, the path to God!  If a seeker is selfish, he can never attain to this noble goal. The true seeker, on the other hand, knows that his goal is directly connected with his caring and concern for his fellowman. His ascent depends upon his helping others to ascend. Never was a master-mystic born who isolated himself from mankind. All the illumination of the Great Masters hinged upon their teaching and mingling with men from all walks of life.

What have you done lately for your brother? The spirit of brotherhood is so easily understood. It first starts within the family, then to neighbours, outside to the community, throughout the nation and around the world to become universal.

When we give ourselves, we develop confidence, security, character and real growth in our mystical endeavors. GIVING is the spirit of brotherhood. And it comes in varied forms. It could be an act of love or kindness, a gesture of friendship or understanding, an encouraging word, group work or financial gifts. But always, giving must be of the heart.  The heart center is the center of giving. We develop it through our meditations.  As it develops, our acts of service to others are also developed to a great extent. The light of the heart shines forth by our love, speech, and actions. It makes us feel obliged to share with others. The heart center develops compassion. Compassionate people, when they see their brother's eyes dimmed with sorrow, feel it their obligation to bring back the light into them.

We tread not a solitary footpath.  We live not in a desolate world.  Men come to us, touch our hearts, and know us. Likewise, we go to men, touch their hearts, and know them. We share a bond with all mankind, a divine, infinite bond. The illumined Masters were of many creeds and trod different paths of spiritual growth, but employed the spirit of brotherhood in all their dealings with men on earth.

Just as it is the policy of the Order to practice rather than discuss concepts, and so the idea of brotherhood is not to be preached or talked about. It is to be LIVED! Only then can the mystic reserve for himself the right to tread the royal road to Cosmic Illumination!

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