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Rosicrucian Society,
Order of the Hermetic Gold+Rose (RSOHGR)
USA, Eur
ope and Africa

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From the book, Leaves of Morya's Garden, we are reminded of the following:


Light as we know is a type of energy that comes in many different forms. Visible light is the most common type which consists of the millions of colors we see daily. X-rays, microwaves, radio waves, gamma rays, radar waves and cosmic rays are all different types of light.


The Light of our RSOHGR is cosmic light with immeasurable wavelength ranges, quintillions of vibratory frequency and pertains to the following: the greatest light representing knowledge or total freedom, endless light depicting life, its magnificence representing purity and its enormous brilliance signifying the Cosmic or God-power. Henceforth, during convocations and intensive meditations, the light we pertain to is the Light of the God of our hearts who dispels the darkness of ignorance and which illumine the path to higher consciousness and total freedom. The flame of this light is the supreme effulgence of wisdom, the secret key to immortality.


During convocations, the vigil light depicts the presence of the Beloved Invisible Masters. The light at the lectern symbolizes cosmic guidance to the presiding master. The light at the Beloved Order’s symbol reminds us of the very nature of our Order which is Light, and the candle lights at the shekinah represent the attributes of RSOHGR light: tolerance, stability, humility, sincerity, contentment, compassion, and truth which the members should strive to live up to.


This is the Light which the officers during their installation sworn to protect as guardians of Light and which every member must contribute in spreading its brilliance and strive to keep it alive in their hearts. True guardians of the RSOHGR Light protect the brilliant light from being extinguished through voluntary dedicated and sincere services for the Order. For instance, an ideal master of a lodge must ensure the sacredness of his/her conduct of convocation rituals keeping in mind the value of early preparation, meditation prior to convocation and timeliness in the appointment with God.


Any member can contribute to the brilliance of the Order’s Light by being devoted practitioner of the RSOHGR techniques – meditating intensively, serving humanity with joy in his heart, awakening his body of light, moving his power centers or chakras and who can easily be recognized with his unmistakably shining and magnetic body, truthfulness in words and deeds, simplicity in his ways and love for everyone and everything existing.


Let us contemplate for a while – ask yourself if you as a privileged member of our Beloved Order is living a life of Rosicrucian light. If yes, how bright or how dim is the Rosicrucian light in your life. Is it easy for you to maintain a constant or continuous bursting Rosicrucian light in your daily life? Is it hard to keep the sun rising in each body parts? Certainly you would not prefer being in the dark where ignorance and suffering abound. Some members at times wonder why they still suffer or live in a storm of fire despite being in the RSOHGR and we often remind them of the workings of karma and the needed purification through those sufferings and that there are no trials nor punishments coming from God.


Visualize the candle light at the Invisible master’s station, bearing in mind its brilliance, perfection, purity, power, life, love and other attributes of God. If you were a candle, how would you picture yourself compared to the vigil light in the Invisible Master’s station? You may picture yourself as a candle that is dirty white, with black spots, with dim light, or filled with impurities – far beyond or near the qualities of the vigil light. The good thing is – you are blessed being a member of an authentic order of Light – you have the esoteric knowledge of dissolving your bad karmas and who can someday possibly possess the qualities of the vigil light or even be united with the vigil light and start living in complete harmony, peace ,joy and love.


My final guiding and enlightening question is – would you prefer to suffer and remain groping in the dark? Or suffer while you purify yourself with the guidance and egregore of the Order’s light and eventually become a pure light?

Continuously live your life filled with Light, help spread the Order’s light and with your True light burning in your heart and luminously shining from each of your body parts, they will know that you are a Rosicrucian – a Warrior of Light.

Fraters and Sorors, let us keep ablaze with the Light of our Rosicrucian Society, Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose.

Let your motto be: “I shall add my light, and my light unto yours!”

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