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To a cup that is already full, no more can be added. 


It is time for the warriors of light to stand up and take the sword of love, to bring peace to this weary and war-stricken world.

What is the call to the warrior of light? You are to connect to the cosmic forces — to be the transformer — converting energy from one level to another. Where around you, there are lower vibrations, you attune yourself to the higher cosmic energies, and it is your role to radiate this energy to all around you, so that they can use it. As you enlighten yourself with the light of love and peace, you become an instrument of the Creator to connect with people who are still in a state of separation from the Cosmic force - the God Force.

The God Force sends you to the battlefield, and the battlefield is no bed of roses. It is strewn with all kinds of trials, where the suffering masses ask that you share their pain, that you feel what they feel in order for you to start at their level of vibration and slowly, but surely, elevate these to higher cycles of vibration.

It is no easy task, but whoever said that the fight should be easily won? What kind of warrior would like his trophy to be ready for the picking? You shall rise as high, as you have fallen so low. In the same way that you must see all the shades in the rainbow spectrum to know the meaning of color, so must you go through all the ranges of human experience from suffering and anguish, to joy until finally you find cosmic bliss.

For thousands of years, the dark forces have ruled in this planet Earth, our current abode, bringing with them ignorance, chaos, hatred, war, discord, and fear. It is now time for the warriors of peace to ride forth bathed in the armor of light.  Brandish the sword of love, which is the only weapon that can cut through the matrix of illusions that the dark forces have woven in the minds of the masses on earth.

The people live in darkness because the ruling powers have them worship in temples where all the windows are closed, and the light of wisdom cannot shine through. What they let the masses have are hazy lamps, which they pass off for truth. There are worlds of difference between the light cast by the lamps of the ruling powers, and the light of the sun of truth, knowledge and wisdom. By shining like the sun inside the dark temples, you open the windows and gates of knowledge that have been shut for thousands of years.

Create your own spaces of light through good and compassionate acts. Whenever possible seek to go where it is darkest, for there you are most needed. That is the way of the warrior. Go to the darkest coves from where you can hear the cries of the people who beg for light. They have paid a heavy price for their karmic debts; and it is time for them to be re-connected to the God force.

As you are sent on your own life mission, do not worry a single note. Think not of how you will get where the masters, the emissaries of God, send you, whether you are riding a horse or a jet plane; or from where you shall get what you need. In all humility, know that you are being sent forth on a mission that has been chosen because of its urgency, and your duty is to follow, love and serve.

The cosmic masters are sending you; therefore, you are completely in their protection. As long as you stay connected to the cosmic light, nothing can touch you, and all the dark forces shall crouch in fear if they but hear your footsteps coming.  Doubt not, because it will cause chinks in your armor of light.

Everything is ready for you, as soon as you pick up your sword and take up the fight for peace and love for all humanity; your connection to the cosmic light strengthens a million fold. No task is impossible because it is the work shared by all the warriors of light for the glory of GOD. You ride not alone, all you need to do is to spread the light through being connected. 

Hurdles, obstacles and temptations will come your way, but more dangerous are the sweet traps, the evil forces that shall approach you camouflaged in beauty and pleasure. However, as long as you stay connected to the light, there is nothing that can stop you. The dark forces know this, and as a last resort, they are trying to create as much noise and havoc as they can until the time they are completely silenced by the army of the warriors of light.

This is not just a promise to the light warriors — it is your destiny. For in this incarnation, since your birth, your life goal is to shine brighter than the sun. If for a while you have forgotten, or you have been lost in the maze which hides the light, the more you sit in meditation and attune yourself to the Cosmic light, the more you will remember why you are here now on earth. Your body cells will remember, as your inner self gets lighted up.

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